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How do I add additional billable time and expense to an already created current invoice

In order to add additional unbilled time and expense, first open existing invoice. You can open it directly from the create + sign, select invoice under customers, and from upper left corner select invoice in question to open from the recent transactions. You can also open directly from the customer’s page under customers center.

Once the invoice is open, you will take the following steps:

1) Go far to the right corner of the invoice column and choose delete trash icon. See attachment below.
2) New Unlink the billable message screen will open. Select “Yes, unlink it” blue button. See attachment below.

unlink billable
unlink billable

3) Now “Add to Invoice” will open on the right-hand window panel. Select “Add all” or “Add” single billable item as needed. See attachment below.

add to invoice billable
add to invoice billable

4) Review and make other field changes if needed. Save. See attachment below.

new invoice
new invoice

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Expense Expenses QBO Reports Transactions

QuickBooks Online – How to enter various expenses in QBO?

The tutorial video below explains how different expense transactions are entered in QuickBooks Online. It is a step-by-step process of learning how to enter expenses in QBO. This is probably the best in-depth video that covers vendor expenses in QuickBooks Online. I highly recommend you to watch it.


Let me summarize the content of this video:

  • It explains how to enter expenses like debit card, credit card, ATM, cash withdrawal, bank fee, wire transfer, write check, enter Vendor Bill to pay later as A/P, Pay Bill by the Check and create Purchase Order and more.
  • It explains how to set up and enter billable charges to customers.
  • It explains how to set up and enter expenses by class tracking and location tracking.
  • Lastly, it explains how these entered expenses will show up on various financial reports.

Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it


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