How to enter credit card charges and make payment to credit card company in new QuickBooks Online?

If Credit Card account is not already set-up, you will need to create a new credit card account added to your Chart of Accounts.

  • From the homepage screen, choose the Company Gear (located top upper right corner)
  • Select Chart of Accounts under Settings
  • Click “New” button
  • Category Type = Credit Card
  • Detail Type = Credit Card
  • Name = Chase Credit Card (for example)
  • Description = Chase VISA Credit Card (for example)
  • SAVE

See attached screenshot photos (1, 1.1 & 2 below) for reference.

Let us say in this example, total credit card charges you have entered is $1,200.00 and made $500.00 partial payment, credit card balance will show $700.00 balance as liability on the Balance Sheet.

Assuming they are not downloaded through Online banking.

How to enter credit card charges for $1,200.00 from the Chase credit account?

  •  See attached screenshot photo 3 & 4 below reference
  • Click the Plus (+) sign from the home page screen
  • Choose “Expense” from the Vendors drop-down menu.
  • Under Bank (next to Balance), select Chase Credit Card
  • This is where you will enter all credit card charges.


In this example, let’s say you have a Chase Credit Card and making $500 payment.

  • See attached screenshot photo 3 & 5 below reference
  • Under Account column, select Add New

Well, that’s just one side of the payment entry. It will show $500.00 payment to Chase Credit Card which is a liability account on the Balance Sheet.

  • From the homepage screen, choose the Plus (+) sign
  • Select “Expense” (if paying online) or “Check” (if paying by check) under Vendors heading
  • Select Payee = Vendor Name (name of credit card company)
  • Select Bank account from the drop-down list
  • Account = Credit Card account (setup as Credit Card type in the chart of accounts – see attached screenshot)
  • Amount = full amount due or partial amount
  • Save

You can also reconcile credit card statement as you will do like bank account. Here is more information to reconcile credit card account:

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Setup Credit Card account in Chart of Accounts
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