How to batch switch from service items to non-inventory parts without going into each individual item

You can batch “Change type” from service to non-inventory type or non-inventory to service in QBO. However, for service to inventory or non-inventory to inventory type, you can’t do batch change type, you will need to edit and change one item at a time.

To make batch “Change type” from service to non-inventory type:
1) Click find (little funnel arrow-down)
2) Select “Service” from Type selection
3) Click “Apply” button
4) From the Service type list, Click “All” checkmark
5) “Change type” box should expand (far right corner)
6) Select “Make non-inventory item”

In case, you need to revert back to change type again, follow the steps again.

batch change type 1
batch change type 1
batch change type 2
batch change type 2

You can’t also change batch item list mapped to GL account type in QBO list page. You will need to upload a CSV or Excel file (from gear > tools > import data > products and services).

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