I have already received payments in QBO from multiple customers. How to make them match with a single deposit I see in my bank feed.

You’ve two ways to match with bank feed deposit.

1) Match it directly from the bank feed downloaded transactions.

Select a row for deposit in question. The row expands to show you “Find other matching transactions” button. Once you click this button, you will see a long list of possible match transactions. To easily locate your deposits, change payment date as you’ve recorded. Select payments (type = payment) to match with bank feed deposit amount. Make sure difference is zero. Save. Done.

find other matching transactions1
find other matching transactions1

2) Manual. This will take few steps, but you will see green MATCH sign once done.
a) Go back to “Receive Payment” (create+ sign > customer > receive payment > upper left corner clock, locate payment) screen for customer payment you’ve already recorded and change Deposit to: “Undeposited Funds” instead of a bank account. Do the same for other customer payments that you want to match to a batch deposit.
b) Bank Deposit (create + sign > other > bank deposit) – check existing payments from the list to match batch bank deposit. Make sure to check correct bank account if you’ve multiple bank accounts. Save. Done. Save and Close.
c) Go back to banking center (bank feed) and now you should see green Match sign for that deposit. Click Match. It should disappear from the list.

Note: #2 is recommended process in QBO if you’ve merchant card payments or use bank deposit slip from depositing checks from various customers.

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