How do I print Invoices from the print queue in new QuickBooks Online?

To print Invoices in batch:

From the home page screen

  • Go to blue navigation bar on the left and select Transactions tab
  • Select “Sales”
  • Click filter and for Type choose “Invoices”
  • Choose “All Statuses” (or your preference) for Status
  • Choose “To be printed” for Delivery Status
  • Select “Dates”
  • Select “All” for Customer
  • Click “Apply” button
  • Click Batch actions
  • Select Print Transactions
  • Wait Invoices to load in PDF format
  • Hoover around your mouse towards the bottom right corner
  • Select “Print” icon on the far right
  • Choose “Print using system dialog… (Ctrl+Shift+P) to select printer and print invoices
  • Done

How-to video: