How do I add a credit for a vendor (supplier) without any open bills? I also like to see this credit in Vendor’s Center.

It involves three steps process.

Step # 1
Issue Vendor Credit
(+ sign > Vendor Credit under Vendors)
Make sure to use the same account originally used

Vendor Credit
Vendor Credit

Step # 2
Deposit refund to the bank
(+ sign > Bank Deposit under Other)
Received From = Vendor’s Name
Account = Accounts Payable (A/P)


Step # 3
To clear A/P as Bill payment (step # 1 and step #2)
Why step# 3 > step # 2 bank deposit does not apply to specific bill
select Vendors > locate Vendor > click “Make Payment” button, far right > Bill Payment screen will open with zero amount> Save and Close

Bill Payment
Bill Payment