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QuickBooks Online QBO Tutorial for Beginners – August 2016

How would you like to learn QuickBooks in 90 minutes? This FREE video tutorial is specifically designed for beginners in mind. You will learn QuickBooks Online the right way from the start. It covers all the basics you need to learn and offers some helpful tips. If you are looking for step-by-step educational guidance and ready to learn QBO, this is the one. And this video is produced by Top International QuickBooks Trainer, VPController.

Vendor Vendors

Where & how do I enter new W-9 information for sub-contractors in new QuickBooks Online?

Partial information from W-9 goes to Vendor Information screen.

Most important info is to enter tax ID and “track payments for 1099” checkbox.

There is no way to actually attach actual W-9 form at this time.

If you feel this feature should be added to future revision, please make your voice heard by sending your feedback.

w-9 information
w-9 information

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Vendor Vendor Credit Vendors

How do I add a credit for a vendor (supplier) without any open bills? I also like to see this credit in Vendor’s Center.

It involves three steps process.

Step # 1
Issue Vendor Credit
(+ sign > Vendor Credit under Vendors)
Make sure to use the same account originally used

Vendor Credit
Vendor Credit

Step # 2
Deposit refund to the bank
(+ sign > Bank Deposit under Other)
Received From = Vendor’s Name
Account = Accounts Payable (A/P)


Step # 3
To clear A/P as Bill payment (step # 1 and step #2)
Why step# 3 > step # 2 bank deposit does not apply to specific bill
select Vendors > locate Vendor > click “Make Payment” button, far right > Bill Payment screen will open with zero amount> Save and Close

Bill Payment
Bill Payment