Where do I adjust the vertical position on checks in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

To adjust the vertical position on your checks, you will first need to locate the Print Check Queue. There are two ways to get to the Print Check Queue:

Click the Create menu (plus sign top center) then select Print Checks (if you have a small menu click Show More) or Click Transactions on the left side menu, select Expenses, then in the upper right corner, select Print Checks.

If you have not done the set up before you should automatically be on the Print Checks Setup page. If you have done the set up before you will see the check queue instead but will see “Print Setup” on the bottom center of your screen and if that is the case, click Print Setup.

Once you are on the Print Checks Setup page (it will say that in the upper left corner), start by selecting your check type and print a sample (you will need the grid in the sample). To adjust the horizontal or vertical lines, click “No, continue setup” in the right bottom corner (you may have to click it twice). Then you can adjust the lines using the grid that printed in the sample. Make sure that after you adjust the alignment, you view preview and print sample to save the settings.