Where can I find recurring transactions in new QuickBooks Online?

Lists Recurring Transactions
Lists Recurring Transactions

From the Home page screen

  • Select Company Gear (top upper corner)
  • Select Recurring Transactions under Tools header

They have three template types of recurring transactions:

  • Scheduled
  • Reminder
  • Unscheduled

You can also create new recurring transactions from here by clicking NEW button.

They have the following interval to set up:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

You can also Edit, Use or Delete the recurring list.

Reminder List
This list contains reminders of transactions that are due to be created soon.
Each reminder is an occurrence from a recurring template.
To review a reminder, click Edit & Create. Then you can create a transaction from the reminder as is, or edit it first.
To avoid creating a transaction from a reminder, select the reminder and click Skip Selected. This deletes the single occurrence, but doesn’t affect the recurring template behind it.
To create many transactions at once without reviewing them first, select their reminders and click Create Selected.
A reminder may have a red ! at the left. This means it needs to be edited.