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  • How do I add additional billable time and expense to an already created current invoice

    In order to add additional unbilled time and expense, first open existing invoice. You can open it directly from the create + sign, select invoice under customers, and from upper left corner select invoice in question to open from the recent transactions. You can also open directly from the customer’s page under customers center. Once […]

  • How to globally remove all “Unbilled Charges” in QuickBooks Online?

    These transactions may have been marked “Billable” in error. Now, you want to remove all, not one by one. To globally remove all “Unbilled Charges” in QuickBooks Online: When you are in QBO logged in, type this URL http://qbo.intuit.com/app/managebillableexpense and it will remove all “Unbilled Charges” in QBO prior to that date. Click on the […]