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How to customize Sales Report by Sales Rep to calculate Commissions in QuickBooks Online QBO

Currently, there is no built-in Customer Sales Detail by the Sales Rep report to pay commission in QBO at this time.

The workaround in QBO is to use one of three available custom fields on the sales forms (invoice and sales receipt) for Sales Rep (as a text field). And then you can run the standard Sales by Customer Detail Report, and filter Group by Sales Rep. Since this is just a text field so you will need to assign sales rep every time you create an invoice or sales receipt.

With QBO Advanced version, you can assign Sales Rep at the Customer Information level but on other plans, such feature option is not available.

Customer Sales Detail Report customized by Sales Rep
Gear icon > Your Company > Account & Settings > Sales > Sales form content > Custom fields > Save
Create an Invoice: Select “+ New” > Customers > Invoice (or Sales Receipt > Enter Sales Rep
Run Report: Left Dashboard > Reports > Select Sales by Customer Detail > Filter Group by “Sales Report” > Run Report. (Optional: Save Customization button if you want to customize this report to make it your own report).
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How to run customized Sales Report by Sales Rep in new QuickBooks Online?

There is no built-in business report available by Sales Rep in new QBO at this time. By using available custom field on the sales forms (invoice and sales receipt), you can easily get the information by selecting and customizing standard built-in “SALES BY CUSTOMER SUMMARY” report.

This quick and easy tutorial video shows you how to customize sales report by sales rep for tracking sales and manually computing sales commissions in the new QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Here is another top-rated tutorial video by VPController for We encourage you to watch the entire video.. You do not want to miss a step!

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