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  • QuickBooks Win App – What’s New

    QuickBooks Win App – What’s New QuickBooks 3.3.0 and QuickBooks 3.2.0 SOURCE: QBO Win App > Help menu at top > What’s new QuickBooks 3.3.0 Added spell checker ‘Export to Excel’ and ‘Export to PDF’ save the downloaded files with the correct extension New preferences menu item ‘Always Open Files After Download’ Fix for ‘Unauthorized […]

  • QuickBooks Online Accountant App for Windows

    QBO Win App is available for Free download from the Intuit QuickBooks website. (For Mac Free download). Official name of QBO Win App is “QuickBooks Online Accountant App”. I downloaded the App in my Windows computer. Once it is installed, you will see “qb” icon on your desktop which looks just like the icons of […]