QuickBooks Win App – What’s New

QuickBooks Win App – What’s New
QuickBooks 3.3.0 and QuickBooks 3.2.0
SOURCE: QBO Win App > Help menu at top > What’s new
QuickBooks 3.3.0

  • Added spell checker
  • ‘Export to Excel’ and ‘Export to PDF’ save the downloaded files with the correct extension
  • New preferences menu item ‘Always Open Files After Download’
  • Fix for ‘Unauthorized access’ error when accessing client companies – look forward to it this week. No app update required for that.


QuickBooks 3.2.0

Today we’re launching the all new and improved version of the QuickBooks Online Desktop App for Windows. Here is a quick list of things that have changed:

  • Multiple Windows changes
    • Menu items other than Reports no longer open in a new window, if you would like for all menu items to open in a new window, you can find a preference menu to enable that functionality for that under File Menu. Reports will continue to open in a new window.
    • If you would like to use multiple windows, you now have a few ways to do it:
      1. Click File, then click “New Window”
      2. Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-N.
      3. Right-click on a page/link you would like to open in a new window, click Open Link in New Window.
      4. When using any keyboard shortcut, hold the shift key, and the menu item will open in a new window. For example, Shift-Ctrl-I will open an invoice in a new window
  • Printing feature changes
    • The File Menu no longer includes the Print button, we are testing a new way of opening PDF files and this method isn’t compatible with having a Print menu item under the File Menu. We are working on a solution to this! For now, here is how it will work:
      1. When you click Print on an Item within QBO, the “Print” button will appear on the top left side of the PDF viewer, click it to launch your local printer.
  • Exporting Files to excel does not currently include the .xls extension.
    • To successfully export a file, click the export button (where applicable), and manually add the extension to the file by typing “.xls” at the end of the file name, to the end of the name of the file. Once you click save, you will be able to We plan on fixing this soon, but for now, this is a known issue.
    • Extensions may be missing from files you are trying to export, the files should still open though. If they don’t please manually add the extension.

Aside from those changes, we are happy to announce some improvements.

  • With this latest update, we have introduced a whole lot of performance and stability enhancements.
    • Faster page load times.
    • Faster app launch times.
    • Fewer crashes.
  • If you close out of the App, we will remember what windows you had open, and open them the next time the app launches. This feature is called Multi Window Restore.
  • Newly redesigned UI, to save you space and give you more screen real estate to work with.
  • Find in page
  • More coming soon!

SOURCE: QBO Win App > Help menu at top > What’s new