How can I run the budget by month? I only see an option to print the total.

Run built-in standard “Budget Overview” report.

From the home page screen > blue navigation bar on the left > reports > go to report > type “Budget Overview” to run report

  • Select “Customize” button
  • Go to “Rows/Columns”
  • Select “Accounts vs Months” under “Show Grid” heading
  • Optional: Numbers > Show All Numbers > “Without Cents” check-box
  • Run Report

Budget by Month


How to run previous months (not last reconciled) bank reconciliation reports in new QuickBooks Online?

This new QBO is very unfriendly on navigating previous months (not last reconciliation) bank reconciliation report. You can get it, although it’s hidden. It just takes one extra step to run this report.

From the home page screen

  • Select blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Reports
  • Type in “Reconciliation Reports” in the search box (Gor to report, magnifying glass)
  • Select and click bank account under Account heading (or any other links)
  • It will take you to the last reconciled report.
  • Go to upper-left-corner and select previous reconciliation report from the drop-down selector under Period Ending (next Run Report button). Now, you’ve found previous months reconciliation reports.
  • See attached screenshot photos for reference

As I said, they made this very unfriendly process.

Reconciliation Reports
Reconciliation Reports
Run previous reconciliation report
Run previous reconciliation report

Help Video:

Bill Vendor Vendors

How to set up vendor payment term where all bills are due month-end of the following month? For example, April vendor bills are due on 31st of May.

To setup “Term” in new QuickBooks Online:

From the homepage screen

  • Select the Company Gear (upper-corner)
  • Select “All Lists” under Lists heading
  • Select “Terms”
  • Select “New” button
  • New Term screen will open

Name = Due following month end (or name as needed)
Select “Due following month end”
Enter “31” day of month
Under Due the next month if issued within
Enter “31” days of due date

See screenshot for reference.

Note: Term will apply to both Vendors and Customers.

Due following month end
Due following month end