QBO Issues: Costco’s switch from American Express to Citibank Visa

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Costco American Express has moved to Costco Citibank – Error 324

As of June 20th, 2016 Costco has ended their partnership with American Express and started a new partnership with Citibank. This impacts customers using Quickbooks Online and have their Costco American Express credit card connected to their account. Customer using the Costco American Express will have their balances and 90-day worth of transactions transferred to Citibank…


How do I update my Costco old American Express Amex card to a Costco Citibank Visa card?

Since your card issuer and account number for the card have changed, it’s recommended to create a new credit card account for your Costco Citibank Visa card.
(From the home page screen > left navigation bar > transactions > chart of accounts > New

  • Category Type = Credit Card
  • Detail Type = Credit Card
  • Name and Description = Costco Citibank Visa Card

costco citibank visa card

You will also need to create a new Citibank as the vendor name.


QBO Alert:
I am trying to change my Costco American Express to CitiBank American express and am unable to do so. I can not disconnect the Costco American Express?


How can I get my new Citibank/Costco credit card to link to QBO? I am getting Code 105 error?


Banking Chart of Accounts

I would like to stop importing data from a bank account. How do you disconnect a bank account (or a credit card account) added into online banking?

In new QuickBooks Online, disconnecting an account isn’t exactly in an obvious spot. To disconnect an account from online banking, we’re going to want to start in the upper right by clicking the little company gear, and then choose Chart of Accounts under settings. We’re going to click the connected account (you can tell it’s connected because it has two little arrows pointing in opposite directions) and then click the “Edit” button. You will see at the bottom of the pop-up that appears that there’s a check box that says. “Disconnect this account on save.” Check that box and click save, and you’re done!

Bank Register Banking Chart of Accounts

How can I turn off the automatic download feature for bank and credit card accounts?

I want to download bank and credit card transactions manually from time to time. How Can I turn off the automatic download feature?

This is actually something QuickBooks Online does in the background. There is no preference for it. You can disconnect the download then reconnect it later.

  • From the Blue Navigation Bar on the left
  • Select Transactions menu
  • Go to Banking.
  • Click the pencil icon on the account you want to disconnect
  • Put a check mark in the Disconnect account on Save checkbox.
  • Click Save

When you are ready to connect it again, go to Transactions, then Banking. Click the blue Add Account button and follow the onscreen instructions.