Why is my credit card beginning balance negative

You will first need to check the account TYPE in the Chart of Accounts. If you’ve manually entered the credit card balance as a positive number when, creating a new account in the Chart of Accounts, on reconciling screen, your beginning balance should also be positive, not negative. You will need to check the TYPE […]

QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts

There are certain accounts QBO automatically creates when a new company is created. These certain accounts can be deleted or edited and there are certain specific accounts cannot be deleted. They are integral part of QBO company account setup. These are specific accounts that cannot be deleted or used for anything else. Here are specific […]

How do I re-sort the Chart of Accounts in new QuickBooks Online?

Chart of Accounts is currently designed to sort account names in alphabetical order only. There is no way to resort your accounts the way you want it at this time. It is numerical order if using account numbers instead of name. I like to see the following improvements on Chart of Accounts: Ability to drag […]