How to see daily income in total?

You can customize daily income in total and make this your own customized Flash Report for your business.

From the home page screen

  • Left Navigation Bar
  • Reports
  • All Reports
  • Business Overview
  • Profit and Loss
  • Change Transaction Date to “Today”
  • Select Customize button (upper left corner)
  • Change Accounting Method to “Cash Basis” if you just want to see based on money received rather than income from customer invoicing. Accrual basis is based on actual invoicing, not when they received payment.
  • Go to “Lists section
  • Select Distribution Account
  • Change from All Income/Expense Accounts (default) to All Income Accounts
  • Go to Header/Footer and change Report Title from Profit and Loss to Daily Income
  • Run Report
  • Review the report
  • Make further changes if needed (optional)
  • Click Save Customizations button
  • “Save Report Customizations” screen will open
  • Change Name of Report if you want different than “Daily Income”
  • Select “Add this report to a group” (and/or select “Share this report with all company users” if you just want to share this report with manage users)
  • Now you can add this report to a group by email. For Report Group Settings (Reports > My Custom Reports > highlight group name (example Andy)
  • Select “Edit” and choose checkbox for “Set the email schedule for this group”
  • Select “Edit Schedule” for interval and date range”
  • Enter “Email” address (separated emails with a comma if sending to more); select cc if needed
  • Save


profit and loss

transaction date to today

accounting method

distribution account

andy daily income

every day

You can also just view and print (no memorized report here) your daily income on money received (cash basis) this way:

From the home page screen

  • Left Navigation Bar
  • Click Transactions
  • Select Sales
  • Click Filter
  • Under “Type” select Money Received
  • Under “Date” select Today
  • Click Apply

You will see a total at the very bottom of the screen below the Total column.

money received