How can I assign more than one account from Chart of Accounts for my 1099’s?

First, you need QuickBooks Online PLUS plan, to have prepare and print 1099s feature.

To assign more than one account from your company Chart of Account:
From the home page screen > go to blue navigation bar on the left > click Vendors tab > Prepare 1099s button (upper right side) > Assign Accounts > Select the box number > Under Account, click Select Multiple… from the drop down menu > Select from list > Add to Include in 1099 Box> OK > OK.

Helpful tip: after you click OK, under Accounts it’ll just say “Select Multiple…” , it won’t list all the accounts that you had selected.

prepare 1099s 1

prepare 1099s 2

prepare 1099s 3

prepare 1099s 4

prepare 1099s 5

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