What are the specific reports available in Essentials version of Quickbooks Online

Essentials plan is the middle version of QuickBooks Online. The plan comes with main features like Vendor payables, time tracking, and recurring transactions which are not available in Simple Start plan. But it still lacks few other features like projects, purchase order, billable expenses to customers, class, location, budgeting and inventory which are available in […]

How to change your password for QuickBooks Online Accountant version

Here is how to change your password for QuickBooks Online Accountant version: Click the Gear Icon in the upper right. Select “Your Account” under Your Company at far right. In the upper right, click the “Edit personal information” green button. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Change sign in info” under […]

In order to use QBOA is it necessary to have another QBO or any other QuickBooks software

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is really a portal to access client QBO companies. QBOA also comes with one free company (QBO plus level) that the accountant can use for their own business. The Accountant Tools menu (the briefcase icon) displays few specialty tools not found in QBO. So, you do not need anther QuickBooks software […]

What are the specific reports available in Simple Start version of Quickbooks Online

Simple Start plan may be the best value for the bucks if your business just needs to sync bank accounts to the QuickBooks, categorize transactions and generate Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and other basic financial reports. These are the built-in standard reports available in Simple Start plan (June 2018). Business Overview (12 reports): Audit […]

How can I reclassify old transactions posted to locations? How can I do this fast?

There is no quick way to select all transactions and “Reclassify” “Location” at this time. You will need to open each transaction and reclassify it one by one. If you have QuickBooks Online Accountant version, you can reclassify (accountant tool > upper left corner, little email icon) certain selected transactions and change CLASS in batch, […]

How to provide QBO access to my CPA, Accountant, Tax Accountant or Bookkeeping firm in new QuickBooks Online?

Adding accountant access (allowed up to two) is quick and easy in the new QuickBooks Online. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be all set. 1.Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company. 2.Choose Company Gear Icon (upper right corner) > Manage Users under Your Company heading. 3.Go to the Accountants section and click […]

How to see “Keyboard Shortcuts” like save and close and many others in new QuickBooks Online? Also, I want to find our company Id number.

To see all keyboard shortcuts in new QuickBooks From any home page screen or any logged on QBO screen Click Ctrl Alt and / (forward slash) Key New screen will open with all keyboard shortcuts as well as Your Company ID. Click OK button once it’s done.