How to write off a customer unpaid invoice as bad debt expense?

When a Customer Invoice becomes non-collectible, you will generally write it off as bad debt expense. You will create a credit memo to clear Accounts Receivable (A/R) balance and that will hit the P&L during that accounting period. You will need to take the following steps in QuickBooks: Step 1: Create Bad Debts Expense Account […]

How many reports are currently available in new QuickBooks Online? How to check reports?

From the home page screen Go to blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Select “Go to report” (spyglass) These are standard reports currently available in new QuickBooks Online Plus? A/P AGING DETAIL A/P AGING SUMMARY A/R AGING DETAIL A/R AGING SUMMARY ACCOUNT LISTING Audit Log BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET SUMMARY BILL PAYMENT LIST […]