I returned items that were ordered for customer job and charged to my bank debit card. They will be refunded back to my bank debit card. How do I enter this credit into QBO back to customer job?

It is kind of hard of believe they do not have designated “Debit Card Credit Form” (or Expense Credit Form), just like one they have for Credit Card Credit Form. I am not excited to give this way-around approach, but it will work especially recording credit for customer job related return. #1 create new credit card […]

How to handle a refund to a customer for merchandise not received?

Refund to a customer for PAID merchandise not received? Select “Refund Receipt” as one step process to refund a customer Create + sign > Customers > Refund Receipt Select Customer Select Payment method Select “Refund From” = Bank account if refund by Check (choose Undeposited Funds account if refunded by credit card that will show up in a batch deposit […]