Bundle Products & Services Sales Receipt

Step-by-Step Guidance: create sales receipt template with bundle and enter daily sales summary

In this free video tutorial, you will learn step-by-step instructions on how to create sales receipt template using bundle feature and also how to enter daily sales summary using that template. This video tutorial is specifically designed for retail, service and restaurant businesses. If you’re a bookkeeper or office staff whose job tasks include entering daily sales summary into QuickBooks, this is the video you must watch. Watch this video in its entirety and you will know how to handle daily sales summary the right away.

Bank Deposit Customers Invoice

#QuickBooks #QBO How do I get separate payments from different customers to show up as one deposit as it does when I deposit it in the bank?

On Receive Payment screen (create + sign > customers > receive payment) > select deposit to: undeposited funds > choose invoice and payment amount > save

Next step > On Bank Deposit screen (create + sign > other > bank deposit) > select customer payments > match total payment to bank deposit > save

If you are downloading bank transactions > banking center (left navigation bar > transactions > banking) > click deposit in question > deposit transaction screen will expand > select “Find Match” > select transactions (payments) to match deposit amount > save

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
deposit to undeposited funds1

deposit to undeposited funds2

deposit1 match uf


deposit2 find match

deposit3 match transactions

deposit4 posted in quickbooks


#QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Payments

Where to add payments settings if I have already been approved for Merchant Services in new QuickBooks Online?

Payment Existing Account
Payment Existing Account

  • Select the Company Gear (located top upper corner)
  • Select “Company Settings” under Settings header
  • Select “Payments” under Settings”
  • Select “Existing Accounts:” under Payments
  • Click “Connect” button
  • New Intuit login screen will open (see screenshot photo below)
  • Sign in and follow the instructions
Payment Existing Account - Intuit Login
Payment Existing Account – Intuit Login

For accepting QuickBooks Merchant Online Payment feature, select QuickBooks payment learn more button

QuickBooks Payments Get paid more ways, fast!
Take credit card or bank transfers
Accept payments through QuickBooks, emailed invoices, and mobile
QuickBooks automatically updates when you’re paid

Payment QuickBooks Merchant Online Payment
Payment QuickBooks Merchant Online Payment