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  • How to create Accounts Receivable (A/R) Report for each Sales Rep (Salesman Report)

    We will be using available Custom Fields, one for Sales Rep on Sales Forms (Invoice, Sales Receipt and Estimates). And, generate customized report to get Accounts Receivable for each Salesman Report. Since there is no way do it from the Customer Detail page. This page has no field for to include Sales Rep. First, we […]

  • How do I apply credit to an Invoice in new QuickBooks Online?

    Create “Credit Memo” (Create “+” sign > select Credit Memo under Customers heading) Go to Receive Payment (Create “+” sign > select Receive Payment under Customers heading) You will notice Outstanding Invoices (Transactions) as well as available Credits. Select Invoice and Credit, match with amount received. Customers / Clients: How do I apply credit to […]