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  • How to setup recurring Sales Receipt to automatically send email

    Assuming you already have a recurring Sales Receipt template setup (*) for a customer and that recurring template shows an email address for the customer, you will need to do the following. From the home page screen: left navigation bar Customers From the customer center page, select a customer Select “Edit” button (upper right corner) […]

  • New QuickBooks Online (QBO) – All major features in one chart

    Major features of QuickBooks Online (QBO) are explained in one single Chart below:       Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it Dark Blue navigation bar on the left for customer center, vendor center, all transactions including printing checks, run standard reports, setup and print sales tax, and buy apps. Company Gear – […]

  • QuickBooks Online – Brief side by side navigation guide from old to new QuickBooks Online

    If you are upgrading from old QBO to new QBO, this tutorial video will be very helpful. It provides side by side navigation guide. After watching this video, you will have a basic understanding of where the major features are located in new QuickBooks Online.   #QuickBooks Online