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  • Enter a weekly timesheet

    Create Employees > Create “+” sign at the top middle of the QBO homepage screen, in between magnifying glass and clock icon > Employees > Weekly Timesheet You will need a Plus plan for this activity. Enter a weekly timesheet Choose a name from the list. An employee or a Vendor name for Independent Contractor. […]

  • Track Locations in QuickBooks Online

    Location Tracking Location tracking is available in Plus plan only. Adds a Location field on forms so you can assign transactions to different locations like stores, sales regions, and counties. First, to enable Location Category feature on: from the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > settings > company settings > company […]

  • Location Tracking

    Now You Can! #1 Create line item Journal Entry by LOCATION #2 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss by LOCATION Report #3 Bank Deposit (Deposited to Undeposited Funds) by LOCATION

  • How do I apply a Class or a Location Tracking to a Bank Transfer transaction? I need to run Balance Sheet by Class/Location.

    When you do a transfer transaction using Bank Transfer Form (Create + sign > Other > Transfer), transferring funds from one account to another, you do not see a field where you can apply a class and a division on the transaction. This may be very critical data to run reports. If this information is […]

  • How can I reclassify old transactions posted to locations? How can I do this fast?

    There is no quick way to select all transactions and “Reclassify” “Location” at this time. You will need to open each transaction and reclassify it one by one. If you have QuickBooks Online Accountant version, you can reclassify (accountant tool > upper left corner, little email icon) certain selected transactions and change CLASS in batch, […]