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Cash Flow Dashboard Widget in QuickBooks Online

To turn this on: Gear > Your Company > QuickBooks Labs

The cash flow chart uses historical data from your Banking tab — bank connected transactions only.

The chart excludes:

CSV import, Credit card, entered manually into QBO, Multicurrency transactions

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How to Forecast Cash Flow

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How does QuickBooks Online produce the Statement of Cash Flow Report?

Statement of cash flow is a financial statement that shows how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash equivalents and break the analysis down to operating, investing and financing activities.

First, the report run is based on an accrual basis accounting method in QBO. It is hard-coded so you can not change it to cash basis method nor can be edited for any preferences to classify cash like in QuickBooks desktop versions.

In QBO, they also have the following three standard sections for the cash flow analysis.

  • Operating
  • Investing
  • Financing

It shows the amount of cash earned from profit, where you received additional cash and where your cash was spent. It uses all Bank type accounts from your chart of accounts. It also includes “undeposited funds account” from other current assets type.

The Statement of Cash Flow assumes that all activity through current assets and current liabilities are OPERATING ACTIVITIES. It also includes “accumulated depreciation” from fixed assets type.

Any entries that affect fixed assets (at original cost, less accumulated depreciation) are INVESTING ACTIVITIES. It also includes “other assets” type.

Any entries that affect long term liabilities and equity are FINANCING ACTIVITIES.

Here is how the standardized list of mappings for the different category type assigned to a section of the Statement of Cash Flow in QuickBooks Online.

Here is detail account list of Category Type (Account Type) for the Balance Sheet accounts from the chart of accounts sorted by Activities.


Investing Activities

 Category Type
1Fixed Assets (original cost)
2Other Assets

Financing Activities

 Category Type
1Long Term Liabilities

Example of Statement of Cash Flow Report in QBO:

Profit and Loss Net Income line forwarded to Operating Activities
Statement of Cash Flow Report
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How to change cash flow forecast beginning balance in new QuickBooks Online?

In QBO, Cash Flow Forecast beginning balance is based on accrual basis accounting method. And, it is fixed. No way to change it from accrual to cash.

If you are running the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports, you will need run on accrual basis as well to match with Cash Flow Forecast report?

For detailed instructional guide regarding these topics, you can also checkout our YouTube videos published for new QuickBooks Online users.

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