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  • How can I run the Budget vs Actual Report for just one specific customer

    You will need to customize the report from the built-in Budget vs the Actual Report. And save that customized report and make it My Custom Reports. Next time, you can run it from the My Custom Reports tab. (The budget feature is available only in PLUS plan subscription in QBO). To customize the report: Run […]

  • How can I run the budget by month? I only see an option to print the total.

    Run built-in standard “Budget Overview” report. From the home page screen > blue navigation bar on the left > reports > go to report > type “Budget Overview” to run report Select “Customize” button Go to “Rows/Columns” Select “Accounts vs Months” under “Show Grid” heading Optional: Numbers > Show All Numbers > “Without Cents” check-box Run Report

  • Can I make a copy of a budget in new QuickBooks Online?

    You can “copy from an existing budget” to create new budget. From the company gear (upper right hand corner) > Tools > Budgeting > select “New Budget” blue button (top right) It will take to mini-interview screens. Page 2 of 4 mini-screen page will give you selection to choose “copy from and existing budget” drop-down […]