QuickBooks Online: What’s the difference between the Company Administrator and the Master Administrator

QuickBooks Online: What’s the difference between the Company Administrator and the Master Administrator?

Company Administrator: Access to all features and capabilities in QuickBooks company file and can see everything.
Master Administrator: All the access rights of a Company Administrator. You cannot delete or change the access rights of the Master Administrator.

There is only one Master Administrator. The person who initially creates a company is automatically assigned as its Master Administrator.

No one can delete the Master Administrator nor change the Master Administrator’s access rights.

The only way to delete the user with the Master Administrator role is to first transfer that role to another user. Only then can you delete the user who previously had that role. See below how to transfer.

Example: if there are two accountant users in QBO, and you want to remove one and invite another, only the Master Admin can do that. However, if there’s only one (instead of two) accountant user in QBO, a Company admin can also invite them. Only the Master Admin can delete the accountant user.

To Accounting Firms setting up the client on wholesale billing account: if you are paying the monthly subscription fees, it’s a recommended to set up as the Master Admin.

Where is “Manager Users” located in QBO?

From the homepage dashboard > Gear (⚙) icon at the top right corner > Your Company > Manage Users.


How do I make someone else the Master Administrator?

Only the current Master Administrator can make this transfer. The new Master Administrator must be an active Company Administrator with an email account.

To transfer the Master Administrator role to an active Company Administrator:

  • Sign in as the Master Administrator.
  • Click the Gear icon > Manage Users.
  • Click Transfer Master Administrator, and follow the instructions.
  • In the Transfer To drop-down list, select the name of the new Master Administrator.
  • Click Finish.

If you do not see the Transfer Master Administrator button, then either you are not signed in as the Master Administrator or there are no other users.

An email will be sent to the person being invited to become the new Master Administrator. That person will need to accept the invitation from the email before the transfer takes place.


Transfer Master Administrator for Simple Start companies.

To transfer the Master Administrator rights for QuickBooks Online Simple Start please contact support.


Also, read this QuickBooks Help article for more info.

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