QuickBooks Online Inventory Deep Dive

Deep Dive into QuickBooks Online Inventory

One time test drive or 30-day free trial link:

QuickBooks Online Test Drive


Table of Contents

00:00 Intro
00:14 Brief Notes On QuickBooks Online Inventory History
01:33 Which QBO version allows Inventory tracking?
02:04 Test Drive One Time or 30-Day Free Trial
05:16 Turning the Gear Settings on in your account
05:24 Add your new Inventory products/items
14:41 Mapping your Inventory Items
16:14 “Initial quantity on hand” and “As of date” fields on the Product/Service information page
19:02 Entering your Inventory Purchases on the ITEM DETAILS tab
26:28 Selling your Inventory Products (Create an Invoice or Add a Sales Receipt)
30:06 Understanding Debits and Credits of Buying and Selling Inventory Products
31:51 What is FIFO and how is it used for the inventory cost of goods sold?
38:59 How to make inventory Qty Adjustments (One Item or Batch of Items)
44:16 Non-Posting type – Create an Estimate, Convert Estimate to PO, Create the Purchase Order (PO)
45:43 How to handle Inventory purchased items in the Bank Feed?
48:49 Running Inventory Reports
53:04 Restock your inventory items – Low stock or Out of stock
54:43 Create Bundle – a kit or a bundle of different products
57:57 Import products through CSV files




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