QuickBooks Online Improvements Updated on Aug 25 2014

They have announced few improvements to QuickBooks Online on August 25, 2014. Some improvements are definitely time saver. Here are some of the improvements worth mentioning here!

#1 New keyboard shortcut. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to close transaction forms (invoice, expense, etc.) and the screen will come back to where you started.

For example, let us say you are on Customer’s Center screen, and clicked invoice form and you pressed Esc key, invoice form screen will close and screen will come back to Customer’s Center screen again. Time save for sure.

#2 Show Attachments (paper click icon) column on Expense Transaction list. This shows the number of attachments per expense. Click a number to view thumbnails, and then click a thumbnail to open or download the attachment. From blue navigation bar on the left > Transactions > Expenses > Table Gear (middle right > Attachments. This is helpful improvement to ensure all the entered expenses have attached receipts. Great way to establish internal accounting control!


#3 Copy bank description to memo. Automatically copy the bank’s transaction description to the Memo field, making it visible on more reports, like Transactions Report, General Ledger. From blue navigation bar on the left > Transactions > Banking > Table Gear > Copy Description. You don’t have to copy it yourself each time. If you need to edit description provided by bank, you can still do so before adding to QuickBooks. Great information to have for the General Ledger report!


#4 Enable online payment on recurring invoices. Company Gear > Recurring Transactions > New > Invoice > Online payment by credit card. Or just edit exiting template. Big time saver if you send out recurring invoices for services and get automatically paid online by credit card!


#5 The Date filter now includes a choice for All dates. From the blue navigation bar on the left > Transactions > Sales > Filter > Date and Transactions > Expenses > Filter > Date. Fast search if you need data just of one week or one week!


#6 You can now batch print more than 50 invoices at a time. It is sorted by invoice number. If you need invoice printing sorted by customer, it cannot be done. Need choice!


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