QuickBooks Online File Size and Feature Limits

QuickBooks Online does not have a file size limit. However, if you enter huge amounts of data, you may experience a reduction in response times.

Note for US customers only: For information on the limits of exporting desktop data into QBO, see Export limitations (US).


For example, if you enter as many as 3,500 transactions per month, navigation and reports might run slower. Speed is a major concern in our development process, and we have set upper limits for some features so they will work faster.

Digit Limit:

You cannot enter into a transaction, nor show on a report, numbers greater than 99 billion (99,999,999,999.99). If you do so, a simple message will show saying *error*.

The limits for displaying reports:

  • Maximum of 1024 columns displayed
  • Maximum 120,000 cells with data
  • Maximum 6 MB worth of data

If you export reports to Excel, you can get more data:

  • Maximum of 1024 columns displayed (this is an Excel limit)
  • Maximum 400,000 cells* with data
  • Maximum 10 MB worth of data

A cell is the intersection of a single row and single column. Only cells that have data in them count toward the limit.


The Find function will only display the first 250 items that match the search criteria. If you need to find more items than this it is better to run a report.


Technically we do not have a limit on our name lists, but large lists can impact performance. We suggest keeping the combined number of names in your company below 10,000, that would include:

  • Vendor (or Supplier) List
  • Customer (or Client) List
  • Employee List
  • Products and Services List

This includes any name deleted from those lists, as well as any name that was merged with another name. Once you reach this number you may see an impact on your performance. To determine the number of names in a list, you can export a list report to Excel:

Choose Reports on the left navigation panel.
Search for the Customer Contact List and click to run it.
At the top left, click Excel, then open the Excel report.
Scroll down the Excel spreadsheet and note the cell number to the left of the last name on the list. Subtract 5 from this number to subtract the first 5 lines of header information. The resulting number is your total number of names on the list.

Line limits for Journal entries:

Journal entries are limited to 100 lines each.

Character limits in fields:

  • Email address field when sending an invoice to customers allows 100 characters.
  • Custom fields have a 30 character limit.
  • Description columns on an invoice have a 4,000 character limit.
  • The customer notes field (in the customer center) has a 4,000 character limit.
  • The customer message field on sales forms has a 1000 character limit within 6 lines. If you use more than 6 lines, only the first 6 will show.
  • The name field on an account in the Chart of Accounts allows 100 characters, but no colons.
  • The Description field on a voucher check may be cut off if it contains more than 42 characters.
  • The Description field on a Single Activity time sheet has a 4,000 character limit.

Import from Excel Lists:

Recommended 500 items per import:

  • Products and Services List
  • Inventory Items List
  • Customer List
  • Vendor List
  • Employee List

Tutorial Video:


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  1. I’m finding that customer name field is limited to 30 characters, and this is not mentioned above.

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