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How to refund to customer remaining balance of a credit memo in the form of a check to customer?

In order to refund customer by check, from the home page screen, go to plus (+) sign

  • Select “Check” under Vendors heading
  • Payee = Customer’s Name from the list (that you are writing check payable to)
  • ACCOUNT = Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • AMOUNT = Refund check amount
  • SAVE

Go back Customer center (blue navigation bar on the left)
Locate the customer you just made the payment to. You will notice zero amount balance, but it will also say TWO open invoices. Just need to clear this taking another step. Very easy!
From home page screen, go to plus (+) sign

  • Select “Receive Payment” under Customers heading
  • Select Customer from the list
  • You will notice both check payment and credit memo with amount received as zero, all in one place checked off.

Go back to Customer center again. Everything should be cleared off now.

Customer Refund Check
Customer Refund Check
Receive Payment to clear zero amount
Receive Payment to clear zero amount