How do I void an outstanding check from a previous period and re-issue a replacement in the current period without having to re-state financial statements?

I understand you are not asking just how to void and re-issue check. Your accounting question which involves few steps in QuickBooks online plus or desktop version for that matter.

For this example, let us say you wrote a check, void original check and reissue on 12/16/2013.

Vendor: AT&T
Date: 9/15/2013
Amount: $100.00
GL Account: Telephone Expense
It takes four steps process in order not restate your financials.

Step # 1

Write a Journal Entry (click “plus” icon > select journal entry from other menu)
Write a journal entry dated 9/15/2013
Telephone Expense (debit) — $100.00 (Name = AT&T)
Bank account (credit) — $100.00 (Name = AT&T)

Step # 2

Reverse journal entry on 12/16/2013 (that’s the day you are reissuing you new check)
Telephone Expense (credit) — $100.00 (Name = AT&T)
Bank account (debit) — $100.00 (Name = AT&T)

Step # 3

VOID (not delete) original check issued on 9/15/2013
Navigate the Check > click “More” button (located at the bottom) > enter replacement check number under description > select “VOID” > Save and close

Step # 4

Issue new check on 12/16/2013.
Make sure you use same GL account. In this example, its telephone expense account.
That should do it. Your telephone expense for September will not change. You will not see additional expense in December month.


When you do the bank reconciliation next time, in the Reconcile window, locate the entries that you created in steps 1 and 2 (one will appear on the Checks and Payments side, the other on the Deposits and Other Credits side). Click next to each entry to mark it with a check-mark.

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