How To Delete Manually Recorded Sales Tax Payment In QuickBooks Online Sales Tax Center

Currently, in QBO they’ve two sales tax features: 1) New recently rolled out Automated Sales Tax
and 2) Old regular Sales Tax

If you have New Automated Sales Tax, here is how to delete manually recorded payment in QBO:
Left Dashboard > Taxes > History > Select payment in question and click “View Return” > It will search and pull the records > “Review your sales tax” screen will open > Under “Payment details” on the right panel, click payment date link (next to recorded amount paid) > Now you’re payment screen, at the bottom right corner, you will see “DELETE” payment. Click delete, you will see “Are you sure you want to delete this payment?” message > Click Delete green button. Delete is done.> They will update the return and prompt back to review your sales tax page. Record payment again or close the page.

Quick YouTube video on how to delete recorded sales tax payment

If you have old Sales Tax (as already mentioned), here is how to delete manually recorded payment in QBO:
Taxes from the left dashboard > Sales Tax.
It will take to the Sales Tax Center.
Under Recent Sales Tax Payments, highlight the payment in question.
Click Delete Payment.
Click Yes on the confirmation screen.