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How do I connect expenses to customer jobs for Customer job costing in new QuickBooks Online Plus?

Billable and expenses setup
Billable and expenses setup

If you have Essentials, you will need to upgrade from Essentials to Plus subscription.

From Home page screen

  • Go the Company “Gear” icon (located at top right hand corner, next to company login name
  • Select “Company Settings” under Settings heading
  • Select “Expenses” under Settings heading
  • Select “Bills and Expenses” and make needed selections

▣ Show Items table on expense and purchase forms On
▣ Track expenses and items by customer On
▣  Make expenses and items billable On

  • Save

In some earlier QuickBooks Online Plus version, take these steps:

  • Click the “Gear” icon (located top right hand corner, next to company login name)
  • Select Company Settings under Settings menu
  • Select Vendors & Purchases under Preferences
  • Select and Checkbox Expense and product/service tracking by customer
  • Select and Checkbox Use billable expenses and products/services
  • Save

Next time enter bills, write check, enter expense (paid by debit card or credit card), select appropriate billable/customer

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Customer Job costing Profit and Loss Reports

Can you run Profit and Loss per Customer Invoice in new QuickBooks Online?

t would be really nice if you can get PnL by invoice or Pnl by product item. At this time, new QuickBooks Online Plus can not provide with such financial report. No such reports are available even though certain cost exist data may already in the QBO file.

If you are selling inventory items and costs are fixed (not variable costs), you can create sub-customer per invoice and may be able to get the PnL by Invoice. Again, I am stretching a little bit here since today’s QBO is designed for job cost, product cost or whatever costing method you want to use.

For non-inventory selling business or servie type selling business, no can do in today’s QBO.