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I accidentally deleted the Cost of Goods Sold in my Chart of Accounts. When I went to recreate it, the detail no longer includes a general COGS option. How do I re-add the top-level COGS detail?

Luckily, you cannot delete account in new QuickBooks Online. You can make it inactive only.

To make it active again:

  • Go the Chart of Accounts (Company Gear (upper right corner) > Lists > Chart of Accounts
  • Include Active checkbox (see attached screenshot photo for reference)
  • Chart of Accounts page will refresh itself
  • Scroll down the page and look for “Cost of Good Sold (deleted)”
  • Highlight it (click once, not double click)
  • Select “Edit” button
  • New Account page will open
  • Remove the check mark from the “Inactive” box at the bottom left corner of the Account page
  • Save

Note: Now, you will also need to DELETE (make it inactive) another Cost of Goods Sold account you created

Include Inactive
Include Inactive


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Chart of Accounts

Can I undelete account that was deleted from the Chart of Accounts?

Yes, you can undelete a deleted account in QBO.

From home page screen, select Company Gear (top upper corner)
Select Chart of Accounts under Settings
Select “Include inactive” (located next to Filter by Name)
The page will refresh automatically.
Locate the account you want to undelete from the list (it will indicate as deleted account)
Double click the account you want to undelete
New screen will open
Locate and uncheck “Inactive” box (located at bottom left)


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How do I undelete (or make inactive account to active) account in QBO