Profit and Loss Reports

How to show the profit and loss reports for the past 3 or more years?

It is very easy to run historical financial data in new QuickBooks.

From the home page screen

  • Go to the blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Reports
  • Go to report (magnifying glass) and type Profit and Loss
  • Select “Profit and Loss” from the drop down selection
  • Select “Customize” button
  • Go to “Transaction Date” change date from and to (for example for past 3-yr = 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2013)
  • Go to “Rows/columns” and change Columns to “Years”
  • Select Run Report button

If you need “DETAIL” behind those summary numbers, click amount. That will give Detail Transaction Report

Qatar Airways NY


How can I run a report that shows total income and total expenses for a specific customer (client) in the new QuickBooks Online?

Run Profit and Loss report and customize by customer.

GO to blue navigation bar (located on the left)

  • Select Reports
  • Go to report and type Profit & Loss
  • Select “Profit & Loss” from the drop-down selector
  • Run Profit & Loss report (for the wanted transaction date)
  • Click Customize button
  • Click Lists
  • Select “Customer” from the drop-down list (see attached screenshot below for reference)
  • Click Run Report

Optional: Click “Save Customizations” button if you need to make this report as Custom Report for future


      Main source of income details = Created Invoice and Created Sales Receipts plus any issued credits
      Main source of expense details = Entered expense and product/service tracking by customer from Vendors & Purchases
Customize P&L by Customer
Customize P&L by Customer
Customize P&L by Customer Report
Customize P&L by Customer Report