How to limit the number of years of information when converting from QuickBooks Desktop to Online version

You can use the Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop (In the menu bar, click File, then Utilities and then Condense Data) to condense company file data. To do this task: In the menu bar, select File and then Utilities and then Condense Data. In the first window of the wizard, select Transactions before a […]

How can i import QuickBooks Online into a new QuickBooks desktop version I bought using Google Chrome, NOT Internet Explorer

You must use Internet Explorer to move your company data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop edition. To export data: From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > tools > export data Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it The export to desktop provides you with a local copy file […]

How to import a QuickBooks desktop backup company file to QuickBooks Online?

It’s not possible to import a QuickBooks desktop backup file directly into QuickBooks Online. If you only have a backup and don’t have QuickBooks desktop installed on your computer, you will first need to install a trial version of QuickBooks on your computer. Follow the steps below: Download and install a QuickBooks Trial: Windows Desktop […]

Can you convert QuickBooks Online (QBO) version to QuickBooks desktop (QBDT) version?

You can, but it comes all kinds of hurdles. It is not recommended at this time. If you have to, please read these two articles. Convert QuickBooks Online company file to QuickBooks desktop Export limitations If you read the following instructions, it’s clear they have not made new improvements in this area for few years […]

How to add multiple companies in QBO like in QB desktop version?

Unlike QuickBooks desktop version (where you can create as many multiple company files as you want), QuickBooks Online is per one company file subscription. You can only have one business or company file in one paid subscription account. You can add multiple companies with additional PAID subscriptions under your same login account.   #QuickBooks Online