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How to limit the number of years of information when converting from QuickBooks Desktop to Online version

You can use the Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop (In the menu bar, click File, then Utilities and then Condense Data) to condense company file data.

To do this task:

  1. In the menu bar, select File and then Utilities and then Condense Data.
  2. In the first window of the wizard, select Transactions before a specific date and enter the appropriate date.
  3. Put a checkmark in the checkbox labeled: Optional: Create a report showing which transactions cannot be removed.
  4. Click Next and select the radio button Create one summary journal entry (recommended).
  5. Click Next and select the radio button Summarize inventory transactions (recommended).
  6. Click Next and select the transaction groups you wish to be removed.
  7. Click Next and select the unused list entries you wish to be removed.
  8. Click Next and click the Begin Condense button. BIG NOTE This does not start the Condense: it starts the report.
condensed data1
condensed data1
condensed data2
condensed data2

Few other helpful tips before handling this task and also before converting to QBO:

  • Complete backup of your QuickBooks company file
  • Update QuickBooks (Help menu > Update QuickBooks)
  • Verify and Rebuild Data (File menu > Utilities > Verify and Rebuild Data)
    (do it a couple of times if it’s huge or old file)

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QuickBooks Online Version vs QuickBooks Desktop Version differences (QBO vs QBDT)

This summarizes the differences between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions)

  •  QuickBooks Online Edition offers anytime, anywhere access to QuickBooks for up to 25 simultaneous users, while QuickBooks desktop version offers Webex Remote Access as a solution for accessing QuickBooks from a remote location, but does not allow simultaneous access for multiple remote users.
  • Online Edition upgrades are free and usually released 2 to 3 times per year; it is not necessary to purchase a new version of QuickBooks Online Edition. Desktop versions of QuickBooks are purchased as new software each year, although multiple free updates to the program are released throughout the supported life of the purchased software.
  • Online Edition includes support is at no additional cost. Support for desktop versions of QuickBooks is not included for the life of the product.
  • Online Edition Plus tracks inventory.
  • Online Edition does not integrate with QuickBooks Point of Sale as desktop versions of QuickBooks do.
  • Online Edition does not offer QuickBooks Bill Pay as but desktop versions of QuickBooks do.
  • Online Edition does not do complete job costing, although it does track expenses by job. QuickBooks desktop versions offers complete job costing.
  • Online Edition offers less flexibility with regard to customizing forms or reports than QuickBooks desktop versions.