Chart of Accounts

How do I re-sort the Chart of Accounts in new QuickBooks Online?

Chart of Accounts is currently designed to sort account names in alphabetical order only. There is no way to resort your accounts the way you want it at this time.

It is numerical order if using account numbers instead of name.

I like to see the following improvements on Chart of Accounts:

  1. Ability to drag account name up or down (within account type, of course) like on desktop version
  2. At present, it shows the accounts with zero balance on P&L and Balance Sheets reports even if those accounts are deleted. I know you can customize the reports and select to show non-zero only. I like to see a way to permanently hide it, probably from within company settings or from chart of accounts format itself.

If you feel this feature need to be added in future revision, please add your voice here. I’ve already done it in the past.

Chart of Accounts

How to not display deleted bank account (like bank account > deleted) with zero balance on the Balance Sheet (or Profit and Loss) report?

There is no way to permanently delete accounts in new QuickBooks Online. You can make account inactive. That’s all in new Quickbooks Online.

Best solution is to customize Balance Sheet report.

  • Run Balance Sheet
  • Click Customize
  • Click Row/Columns
  • Select Rows = Non-Zero
  • Select Columns = Non-Zero
  • Run Report
  • Save Customizations button and save it as a special report.
  • See screenshot photo for reference.
Customize Non Zero
Customize Non Zero