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  • Compare Features and Usage Limits of QuickBooks Online Plans – Advanced, Plus, Essentials, and Simple Start

    The following table will show features and usage limits available in various QuickBooks Online plans: In this video, we will do a full comparison between various QuickBooks Online plans. We will do a deep dive into every aspect of Advanced, Plus, Essentials, Simple Start versions of QBO, and review all their features one by one. […]

  • Where does QBO get its currency exchange rates from

    It’s part of the currency settings at the Company Gear at upper right corner. From the home page > Gear at the upper right corner > Your Company > Account and Settings > Advanced > Currency > ON Manage Currencies > Edit currency exchange (or revalue currency drop-down arrow under action column). OR From the […]

  • Which versions of QBO support the multi-currency feature

    Multicurrency feature is available in QuickBooks Essentials and QuickBooks Plus only. This feature is not available in QuickBooks Simple Start. To turn on Multicurrency feature in QBO: From the home page screen > Gear icon (at upper right corner) > Your Company Settings > Account and Settings > Advanced > Currency > Multicurrency Note: Once […]

  • QuickBooks Multicurrency in QuickBooks Online US

    With QuickBooks Online (QBO) multi-currency, you can track transactions in more than one currency. Multicurrency affects many accounts and balances in company file and the preference can’t be turned off once it’s been turned on. Important: Since you cannot really back up company file (with all the features and the settings) in QBO at this […]