Inventory Starting Value adjustment from Asset Register for Inventory Asset account

This new update in February 2016 may have resolved the crucial “Inventory Starting Value” adjustment issues. It’s very important to note that they release these new features to users on their incremental plan. Hope all users will see it soon.

For adjustment, go to the chart of accounts > select Inventory Asset account > click “View register” under Action column > locate “Inventory Starting Value” row item > click “edit” and make necessary adjustments that include quantity, starting as of date, cost, adjustment account, and the memo field.

Edit Inventory Starting Value
Edit Inventory Starting Value
Inventory Starting Value Adjustment
Inventory Starting Value Adjustment

With this new update, they may have also resolved quantity update delete “error -30006” issue as well.

error -30006
error -30006



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How to delete posted transaction to Inventory Shrinkage (COGS) account in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen

  • Go the Company “Gear” upper right corner
  • Select the Chart of Accounts under Settings heading
  • Select “Inventory Asset” account
  • Double click “ Inventory Asset” and the Asset Register for Inventory Asset will open
  • Locate “Inventory Qty Adjust” posted to “Inventory Shrinkage” account to delete
  • Double click the transaction line and Delete bar (along with three other options) will open
  • Selete “Delete” option
  • It will prompt with “Yes” or “No” message
  • Choose “Yes” button
  • Done.

QuickBooks Online: How to delete posted transaction to Inventory Shrinkage COGS Account