How to bookmark QuickBooks pages in new QuickBooks Online?

How to bookmark QuickBooks pages?

I am missing a button that will allow me to move from one transaction (for example invoice, bank account, profit & loss and so on) to the next without having to close and open the next one.

Since QuickBooks Online is web browser based accounting software, you can bookmark almost any page for quick access — including checking, invoice, and reports.
If your QuickBooks taskflow consists of going to the same set of pages every day, it is better to bookmark them so you can get in and out faster,
Here’s how to bookmark pages using the Chrome browser.
But you can use any other browsers that QuickBooks supports.

Note: Tip#1 on navigating new QuickBooks > use Google Chrome browser. Intuit’s new QuickBooks Online product is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

How to create a bookmark in Chrome?

  • Open the QuickBooks page you want to bookmark. Let’s say you enter a lot of invoices so you want to bookmark the invoice form. Click the star icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Change the name of the bookmark as you like it.
  • Choose a folder to add (or create a new folder for QBO only by selecting “choose another folder” at the bottom) the bookmark to a folder, or choose Bookmarks Bar to add it directly to the bookmarks bar.
  • Your folder of bookmarks can look like this.
    1. QBO

  • Invoice
  • Checking
  • Profit & Loss
  • You can reorder the bookmarks and even nest them in sub-folders if you like.

How to bookmark QuickBooks pages in new QuickBooks Online