We recently converted from Quickbooks Pro desktop to QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have two A/P accounts, one of which was no longer in use. Our bills are now posting to both, seemingly randomly. How do I set the bills to post to only one account?

COA merge accounts
COA merge accounts

You will need to merge the two accounts into one account you want to keep.

From the Home page screen

  • Go to the Company Gear icon (located at top upper right corner)
  • Select Chart of Accounts under Settings header
  • Click on the account you are keeping to select it and then the Edit button.
  • Copy the Account Name, make note of the Detail Type and if the Is Sub-account option is marked. If sub-account is marked, make note of the parent account it is associated with.
  • Click the browser’s back arrow to return to the Chart of Accounts.
  • Select the account whose name you don’t want to use and click Edit.
  • Paste in the Account Name and make sure the Detail Type matches the account with which you’re merging.
  • If these are sub-accounts, make sure they are associated with the same parent. If only one is a sub-account, make it a parent account by deselecting the Is Sub-account option.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two accounts.