There was a new employee missed paycheck. How to make a new payroll check after payroll has already been run and printed

It is very easy to run a new paycheck. To run a payroll for one of your Employees, you can follow these steps: From the home page screen, go to Employees on the left navigation bar. Click Run Payroll on the upper right-hand corner. Change the Pay Period (see attached screenshot below) and Pay Date […]

How do I batch print unprinted Sales Receipts now in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

From the home page screen Go the blue navigation bar on the left Select Transactions Select Sales Filter these transactions by”Sales Receipts” (Type) and “To be Printed” (Delivery Status) under the status drop down menu Click blue “Apply” button Click Batch Transactions Select Print Transactions Give few seconds to load to be printed pages Click […]

How to get a Balance Sheet Detail report that can be printed as one report in new QuickBooks Online?

Although there is no standard “Balance Sheet Detail” report in new QuickBooks Online, you can run and customize the “General Ledger” report which should reflect exactly like the “Balance Sheet Detail” report if there’s one such standard report. To run this report, from the home page screen Go to blue navigation bar on the left […]