Add online payment button to eInvoices


How to turn on inventory tracking

QBO QuickBooks

Disable browser toolbars and add-ons for QuickBooks Online

Bank Deposit Bank Register

Transfer funds two bank accounts (with or without banking downloads)

Bank Register Chart of Accounts Reconcile

Entered opening balance is wrong. How to fix it.

Customer Center Customers Receive Payment Sales

How to enter payments received from a collections agency in QBO

Banking Customer Center Estimate Invoice

September 2015 update | Add Subtotal on Invoice Estimate | Bank Feeds

Banking Import Data

Import / File Upload QBO, CSV, QFX, or OFX format

Employees Expense Expenses

QBO: How do I make employee payroll reimbursement for expenses they incurred on behalf of the company

To set up a single reimbursement pay type for an employee:

  • Click on the Employees tab
  • Click the name of the employee
  • Click on the pencil icon beside Pay
  • Click Additional pay types
  • Click the arrow Even more ways to pay
  • Check the box for Reimbursement
  • Click Done

This is useful if you separately track reimbursements for different expense types (such as travel and supplies). Amounts paid as reimbursements are not subject to any taxes, and are not included on any forms.

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1additional pay types

2even more ways to pay


Weekly Price Check US CA UK AU (Plus Plan)

USD 23.97 per monthCAD 14.50 per monthGBP 15.00 per monthAUD 21.00 per month
USD 23.97 per monthUSD 12.01 per month
USD 23.30 per month
USD 16.60 per month
Expense Expenses QBO Reports Transactions

QuickBooks Online – How to enter various expenses in QBO?

The tutorial video below explains how different expense transactions are entered in QuickBooks Online. It is a step-by-step process of learning how to enter expenses in QBO. This is probably the best in-depth video that covers vendor expenses in QuickBooks Online. I highly recommend you to watch it.


Let me summarize the content of this video:

  • It explains how to enter expenses like debit card, credit card, ATM, cash withdrawal, bank fee, wire transfer, write check, enter Vendor Bill to pay later as A/P, Pay Bill by the Check and create Purchase Order and more.
  • It explains how to set up and enter billable charges to customers.
  • It explains how to set up and enter expenses by class tracking and location tracking.
  • Lastly, it explains how these entered expenses will show up on various financial reports.

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