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#QuickBooks #QBO – How to assign employees to classes

First, you need a PLUS plan to have class tracking features.

To turn on the class tracking:

From the home page screen

  • At the right upper corner, click the company gear icon.
  • Select Company Settings under Settings.
  • Under Company, click anywhere on Categories.
  • Select Track classes.
  • Select Warn me when a transaction isn’t assigned a class.
  • Under Assign Classes, select One to each row in transaction.
  • Click Save and then Done.

Now, class tracking is ON for the company file.

To setup new classes:

From the home page screen

  • At the right upper corner, click the company gear icon.
  • Select All Lists, under Lists.
  • Select classes under Lists.
  • Select New button (upper right corner).
  • Name Class.
  • Select sub-class (optional).
  • Click Save.

To set up the class tracking for employees:
From the home page screen

  • At the right upper corner, click the company gear icon.
  • Select Payroll Settings under Settings. Note: If you do not see Payroll Settings under Settings, that mean Payroll is ON yet. From the left navigation bar > select Employees > select Turn on Payroll (blue button, far right corner).
  • Under Preferences, click Accounting.
  • Click Customize button.
  • Under Classes, select I use different classes for different employees.
  • Click OK.
  • Assign classes for employees including inactive employees if needed.
  • Click OK.
  • Under Want to update existing transactions, too?, enter the nearest date of the transactions. Note: normally you would want to select current fiscal year starting date (for example if starting Jan 1, 2015).
  • Click OK.

When you run Profit and Loss by Class report next time, you should see payroll costs distributed by class.
To run Profit and Loss by Class:
From the home page screen > left navigation bar > reports > go to report and type profit and loss by class.

Watch Tutorial Video on YouTube:

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