Cash Flows QuickBooks Online QBO

Cash Flow Dashboard Widget in QuickBooks Online

To turn this on: Gear > Your Company > QuickBooks Labs

The cash flow chart uses historical data from your Banking tab — bank connected transactions only.

The chart excludes:

CSV import, Credit card, entered manually into QBO, Multicurrency transactions

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Feature Request Feedback

QuickBooks Online: Customizable Homepage Dashboard Screen

We have received all kinds of QBO questions over the years. But the single biggest question we keep hearing is how come QBO homepage is not 1-click navigation to the main activities. One click to create Invoice. One click to Receive Payment. One click to Write a Check. One click to Pay Bills. Run memorized Reports and so on. It takes two or more clicks just to do basic day-to-day accounting tasks. Another question we hear all the time is QBO need to provide privacy for our company’s confidential financial data like P&L, bank accounts, sales, expenses, etc. How come we can’t customize what we want on the QBO dashboard?

I posted this feature request on 2/16/2016, so far it’s already listed as all-time top 10 QuickBooks Online Feature Requests with over 1,300 votes and over 250 comments so far. Here are more details about customizable dashboard requests.

Customizable Homepage Dashboard Screen
It would be nice to have a customizable dashboard homepage where actual users get to pick what they need to see and which navigation buttons they use the most to the homepage screen. At this point, it’s Intuit hard-wired homepage dashboard even on privacy mode. Many business owners saying when they’re sitting next to their customers and creating transactions, they’re not interested in sharing profit or loss, expenses, bank accounts, income, and sales chart.

What they like to see the most on the homepage screen:

1) To do list
2) One click favorite reports
3) One click invoicing
4) One click write check
5) Tasks reminder (this used to be on old homepage, gone now)
6) Recent activities (this used to be on old homepage, gone now)
7) Create your own design enhancement features.
8) Completely wipe out current graphs and bank accounts.
9) Block marketing tips
10) Sign out from the home page

Let’s make QBO dashboard customizable and actually useful. Thanks!

Here’s the link to the Customizable Dashboard feature request. It’s worth checking out the comments. We learn so much from some of these comments from actual QBO users. You can also add your voice if you like to see customizable dashboard feature added to QBO.


QBO Home Page

2017 January QuickBooks Online Dashboard – Find Your Way Around

Here is the quickest reference guide to 2017 January homepage dashboard in QuickBooks Online.

1. Left navigation bar
2. Create (+) icon
3. Main Gear icon
4. Bank download
5. Help


1. Left navigation bar
It shows the menu of items:
Customers Center
Vendors Center
Employees Payroll Center
Transactions to see related subitems like bank downloaded accounts, sales, and expenses list, and chart of accounts
Sales Tax (or Taxes for sales tax and payroll tax if payroll is activated)

Sorting order of items could be slightly different.

2. Create (+) icon
This is for adding any manual transactions in QuickBooks.

3. Main Gear icon
This is for managing your company prefer settings, subscription, lists, tools for import export data, bank reconcile, budget and audit log.

4. Bank download
This is where you will sync your bank accounts and credit card accounts to QuickBooks. You will see bank downloaded transactions in “For Review” tab. You can review and accept (add or match) the transactions. It will then post to QuickBooks bank register.

5. Help
Click the Help (?) icon to get help information.
Or just bookmark – Your One-Stop QuickBooks Online Learn & Share Blog.

  1. Depending upon subscription level, you may see, up arrow icon. It means such functionality is not available in your plan. You will need to upgrade the plan. Caution: You can upgrade plan, but there is no downgrade in QBO.
  2. For new QuickBooks Online Feature Requests, click here. You can post your own idea, or just review and VOTE on already asked thousands of feature requests.


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