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How can I change the sorting of the chart of accounts? I want my accumulated depreciation to appear under the related asset.

It is a known issue at this time. There is no way to reorder it like in desktop version. Only way is to show cost first and then depreciation is to assign account number.

See attached screen photo for reference.

If you feel this feature need to be added in future revision, please add your voice here. We’ve already done it in the past.

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Chart of Accounts

In Chart of Accounts I do not see any that’s fit for R&D. Which account detail type do I enter our R&D expenses in new QuickBooks Online?

It requires that R&D generally be expensed as incurred now.
So, in QBO, it should be considered an Overhead Expense, not Direct Cost or COGS.
How to set up R&D as Overhead (O/H) in new QuickBooks Online?
Figure out the main primary operating costs for R&D and categorize expense type.
In QBO chart of accounts detail type are already defined. I would select “Other miscellaneous service cost” as detail type to track costs related to R&D.

For example your Chart of Accounts should like this:

Research and Development (R&D) Chart of Accounts
Research and Development (R&D) Chart of Accounts

R&D Expense:

  • Salary and Benefits
  • Purchased Materials
  • Independent Contractors
  • Equipment Expense
  • Travel Expense
  • Other R&D Expense

This is just an example. Only your CPA can give you better guidance for your business.