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QuickBooks Help Questions"Sales Receipts" vs "Daily Sales Receipt"
Baba Musa asked 3 years ago

Hello the Lord of Everything Quickbooks 🙂 ,
I am new to this field of knowledge (student) and I have learned a lot from you in the last two weeks.  There is one area that has created more confusion for me than I have anticipated, and I have not been able to get any clarity from “any” of the resources that is out there in the web.  If it is not too much trouble to ask you, can you do a video on the similarity and differences between “Sales Receipts” and “Daily Sales Receipt Summary”. 
To the casual observer, the difference might be clear.  But for someone that is more interested in “why” things are the way they are, this is not clear to me. 
For one, Sales Receipts does not require you to enter a “negative” payment amount right underneath the Sales line.  But we do enter a negative payment amount on the “Daily Sales Receipt Summary”. Why the difference?  And, do you still enter a negative payment amount for a DSRS (daily sales receipt summary) if you received only one method of payment (e.g, cash, check, or credit cards)? What happen if you treat DSRS just like Sales Receipts (i.e, without the negative payment entries below the sales line) to our income statements?
I am very confused that these two transactions are treated differently, even though DSRS is created from Sales Receipts.
I would appreciate your explanation as to the technical reasons why they are treated differently.  And, it would be even more excited to see your videos on this topic.
Thank you for providing this knowledge base to the million of people around the world.

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